Everyone in Heritage Home School community i.e. students, teachers, parents and administrative staff have the responsibility to respect the rights of others. This will ensure that the reputation of the school and its members are enhanced and maintained. In order to act responsibly and respectfully towards others, the following resources are a guide

All students are expected to have their school diary with them for each lesson. They are to record homework, assignments and any other relevant information given in each of their classes. Diaries are also used to monitor the behaviour and effort of certain students.

Diaries are also a means of communication between staff and parents. Diaries are not for students' personal information, other than which directly relates to the school.

Parents are encouraged to write a response to teachers' comments to ensure both home and school support can be provided to assist the students.
Items Not Permitted at the School

  • Chewing Gum/Bubble Gum
  • Nail Polish,
  • Makeup and Hair gel
  • Jewelry
  • Marker pens and Liquid Paper
  • Walkmans, Discmans, cassette players etc.
  • Mobile phones
  • Toys
  • Knives and all weapons

Money at School
The school is very strict about students bringing relatively large amounts of money to school. Parents are discouraged from giving their children large sums of money.

At Heritage Home School all staff members are informed of their legal responsibilities for the care, safety and welfare of the students. In addition, we are committed to the welfare of our students through the provision of policies in the areas of:

  • Managing complaints or grievances
  • Anaphylaxis management plans
  • Mandatory reporting procedures
  • Emergency management plan
  • Critical incident plan
  • Accidents and incident register
  • First aid policy and procedures, and
  • Internet use policy and procedures.
  • Anti-bullying and harassment
  • Drug use policy

The aim of the welfare programme is to develop the skills of students in a safe, happy and caring environment to help meet the challenges of the future. At Home School we believe our school is:

  • A safe and happy environment.
  • Drug free.
  • Well maintained.

To facilitate the smooth interaction between the parents and the school, Heritage Home School has installed a very robust school management system which enables parents to login into the school system at any time from any device via our school website to monitor real time updates, activities, and performance of their children.

The school also publishes a newsletter which plays an important role in the communication of news to parents. An internet edition of the newsletter is produced monthly and emailed to all parents whose children are enrolled in the school.