Internet & Phone Policy

All students will have access to computer resources. Students will be entitled to use these resources for educational purposes, to facilitate communication, to provide access to information and to assist in the preparation of assignments, projects or assessments.

Users are to be responsible for their actions and be aware that access may be reduced, stopped or may result in expulsion, or legal action as a consequence of misuse of the system.

Heritage Home School considers the internet as an important means of education and communication and recognizes the importance of proper internet content and speedy response in conveying a professional image and delivering good educational service. Users should take the same care in using the internet an email as they would for any other communication media.

Internet Access
1. All students will have access to Internet/Intranet resources through the school's network.
2. Students will have email access only under direct teacher supervision, using the school's email account.
3. Students are to be supervised at all times when accessing the Internet.

Student Identities
A. The school has an obligation to the parents to protect their children. Though the Internet provides many opportunities for our students in the areas of research and publication, there are, however, several concerns related to students’ identity on the internet.
B. To protect the privacy and identity of our students, the following will not be published on the Internet:
i) The surname of the student;
ii) The address of the student;
iii) The phone number and age of the student;
iv) An individual photo or written description of the student;
v) All photographs that do not have parental consent.

Mobile Phone Policy

Mobile phones are not permitted inside the school compound. If found it will be confiscated (returned only to the parent) and the student will be:
• 1st time: Suspension from school
• 2nd time: Termination of enrolment

If for some reason, a student needs to bring a mobile phone to school, they must hand it over to the administrators who will take custody of it and call the students when he or she is required on phone.