Disciplinary Policy

At Heritage Home School, as educators our role is to help students make better behaviour choices and to help them understand they can't always get what they want but they can make better choices to get what they need.

Students who choose inappropriate behaviours are not satisfying their needs in responsible ways.

Examples of Serious Misdemeanours:
• Bullying in any form - verbal, • psychological or physical
• Physical fights and causing injuries to others
• Racist, bigoted, intolerant or hurtful remarks or actions
• Deliberately hurting or endangering others
• Deliberately damaging or interfering with the property of others
• Theft, dishonesty, including cheating or lying
• Interference with the rights of others to teach or learn
• Violent, insolent or threatening behaviour
• Uncontrolled and repeated disruptive classroom behaviour
• Being in possession of a weapon
• Being in possession of cigarettes, alcohol, or any illegal substance
• Incurring too many lunch detentions within a specific time period
• Truancy, including leaving school grounds without permission
• Fighting
• Damaging property
• Forging a note requiring parent signature
• Continued failure to complete homework or bring required equipment to school
• Argumentative behaviour
• Blatant rudeness or insolence
• Continuous disruptive behaviour

• Impositions
• Temporary Demotion
• After school detentions
• Withdrawal of privileges
• Restitution-for damage of property
• Meeting with parents
• Suspension
• Exclusion