Admissions Overview

All students seeking enrolment at Heritage Home School and their parents are expected to support the religious, academic and cultural aims and goals of the School.

Parents will be informed whether their children have been successful in gaining continued enrolment. Enrolment admissions are allocated on a yearly basis and include the following requirements:

School Fees:

•  Must be paid prior to the end of the previous school term.

•  Any extension of payment time must be requested from the Principal in writing.


•  All student admissions are allocated on a yearly basis.

•  Enrolment is at the discretion of the School board

Pre-requisites for continued enrolment includes satisfactory:

Academic performance (class work, homework and assessment) in all Key Learning Areas,
and in the Continuous Assessment.

Behaviour, appearance, attendance and use of School facilities and resources.

Payment of school fees by due date.