About Heritage Homeschool

Heritage Home School is premium Islamic institution of choice for those who seek a reinforcement of family values along with the development of life skills, manners, and self-discipline and in providing a broad, well balanced education that is grounded in enduring Islamic studies and values.

The core values of the school are derived from Islamic teachings focusing on good morals translated into good deeds resulting in productive citizens.

The parent community continues to have high expectations of the Heritage Home School and the vast majority of parents aspire to have their children gain a university education.

Heritage Home School staff is mindful of parental expectations and strive to meet them. The School achieves its mission by providing a safe learning environment with an Islamic ethos. Each school day begins with prayers followed by a short values education session.

Heritage Home School encourages students to develop inner strength and philosophy of life which will enable them to become independent, constructive and compassionate members of the Global community.

our vision

HHS aims to provide a rigorous and balanced education within a four year calendar to especially Muslim children with a tripartite focus on broad academic and brilliant Islamic curricula as well as skill/vocation education that prepare our students to face the future with a bold and courageous mind.

our mission

HHS is committed to providing a homely, creative and challenging learning environment enriched with support, encouragement and motivation that address child’s unique learning styles, independent thought and development of intellectually capable young people which our society can look up to for leadership and direction.

We are inspired to develop our students’ creative minds, healthy bodies, high ethical spirits and unwavering belief in themselves and their potentials.