our school curriculum

We are currently implementing the (Nigerian) Federal Ministry of Education Curriculum with an emphasis on the syllabuses for the Junior Secondary School Certificate Examinations for our Junior Students.

The curriculum for our Senior students encompasses the Senior Secondary School Certificate (O/Levels) examinations, the A/Levels examinations, the Cambridge International Examinations.

Heritage Home School has excellent laboratories, computers and libraries support student growth in learning. Excursions and incursions are regularly organized in order to supplement classroom learning.

homework policy
School Homework

All students in the school are given homework, to support and reinforce learning. Homework increases as the student progresses through his/her schooling. Please encourage your child to talk about school happenings and to read as much as possible. Make sure that your child does his/her homework, and show your interest and support.

To be meaningful, homework must be seen as a valid part of the learning process. It should assist and reinforce learning, not frustrate it or make it unenjoyable in the eyes of students.

The nature and amount of homework will vary, according to such factors as the age and learning stage of the students, the subject area and/or topic being studied, the time of year, the ability levels of the students and the teaching/learning styles involved.

Teachers Responsibilities
• Setting homework that is reasonable, appropriate and conducive to effective learning.

• Marking/correcting homework diligently, promptly and accurately, and giving helpful feedback to students and, where judged necessary, to parents.

Students Responsibilities
• Noting set homework accurately in their diaries.
• Showing the diary and homework to parents/caregivers.
• Doing the homework to the best of their ability, with due conscientiousness and on time.
• Correcting and/or learning from their homework.

Parents Responsibilities
• Monitoring, checking-off their child's homework (entries and work).
• Assisting their child where possible.
• Supervising homework being done in appropriate conditions and on time.
• Supporting the school in inculcating good study and learning habits.